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   Integrated Geometry – Math AB


Final Exam and Math A Regents Exam                                  No Weighting

90 minutes per day for one semester                                   One Credit


II.      Course Description


This course is designed to be a continuation of the work done in Integrated Algebra – Math A with greater emphasis on Geometry and proofs of geometric theorems.  It expands upon the previous work in logic and probability and introduces the topics of statistics, trigonometry, number systems, transformations, and constructions.


III.      Grade Requirement


Grade 9-12


IV.      Mandatory Prerequisite


This course is restricted to those students who successfully completed Integrated Algebra – Math A or Integrated Algebra Part 2 – Math A2.


V.      Suggested Prerequisite




VI.      Comments


This course is strongly recommended for all college bound students.  The Math A Regents Exam which is taken at the end of this class is a requirement for graduation in New York State for all students.







       Learning Standards for Mathematics, Science and Technology


Standard 3:  Students will understand mathematics and become mathematically confident by communicating and reasoning mathematically, by applying mathematics in real-world settings, and by solving problems through the integrated study of number systems, geometry, algebra, data analysis, probability and trigonometry.

Seven Key Ideas



  1. Mathematical Reasoning


Students use mathematical reasoning to analyze mathematical situations, make conjectures, gather evidence and construct an argument.


  1. Number and Numeration


Students use number sense and numeration to develop an understanding of the multiple uses of numbers in the real world, the use of numbers to communicate mathematically, and the use of numbers in the development of mathematical ideas.


  1. Operations


Students use mathematical operations and relationships among them to understand mathematics.


  1. Modeling/Multiple Representation


Students use mathematical modeling/multiple representation to provide a means of presenting, interpreting, communicating, and connecting mathematical information, and relationships.


  1. Measurement


Students use measurement in both metric and English measure to provide a major link between the abstractions of mathematics.


  1. Uncertainty


Students use ideas of uncertainty to illustrate that mathematics involves more than exactness when dealing with everyday situations.


  1. Patterns/Functions


Students use patterns and functions to develop mathematical power, appreciate the true beauty of mathematics and construct generalizations that describe patterns simply and efficiently.





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