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Expectations for Spanish 3:

Español 3

Mrs. Leomaris Garnot


Textbook:  Realidades 3, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2004

Google Classroom Code: w5x3mv


Class Requirements:


  1. DAILY CLASS PARTICIPATION!!!  This includes volunteering as well as answering when called upon.

  2. Notebook, folder or binder and pencil/pen each day.  Students must have a separate single subject notebook for Spanish. (this notebook will remain in the classroom to be used as a journal)

  3. Spanish/English dictionary – this will be used in class daily.

  4. Expo marker – we will use markers when reviewing new grammar and vocabulary.

  5. Pen - Blue/Black ink only.  Pencil - for test taking

  6. Ear Buds - Once the Chromebooks arrive, we will be doing many speaking/listening assignments.

  7. HAVE FUN!!  Even though it is difficult, learning a new language is exciting.  This class will be all of what you make it.


General/ Classroom Objectives:

Students will build upon the knowledge gained in Spanish 2 in order to better understand the grammar and culture associated with the Spanish language.  More emphasis will be placed on the four areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Students are expected to actively participate in class.  Without adequate participation it is impossible to learn a foreign language.


Students will also be keeping a journal in Spanish.  Writing topics and class time will be given to students as the teacher sees fit.  Topics will be related to the material being studied in class.


Specific Objectives:


Capítulo 1:  Talk about school competitions, express emotions regarding the outcome of an event, narrate an event in the past, outdoor activities


Capítulo 2:  Talk about the arts, describe how people express themselves, give opinions about a work of art


Capítulo 3:  Talk about symptoms and remedies, give advice about health and nutrition, express emotions under certain circumstances


Capítulo 4:  Express relationships with family and friends, explain what is needed to maintain friendships, talk about family conflicts and how to resolve them


Capítulo 5:  Getting a job, describe skills and abilities needed to perform a job, explain how you can help your community


Capíulto 6:  Careers and Professions, plans for the future, the impact of science and technology on our lives


Capítulo 7:  Identify and describe some extraordinary phenomena, give your opinion about mysterious events, talk about contributions of the Maya and Aztec civilizations, compare some myths and legends from the Spanish-speaking world with those of the United States


Capítulo 8:  Describe how different cultures interact, talk about the fusion of cultures in Spain before 1492, discuss different cultures in the Latin Americas after the Europeans arrived, understand cultural perspectives on dealing with different ethnic groups in the United States.


Capítulo 9:  Talk about environmental concerns in the community, express attitudes and opinions about the environment, understand cultural perspectives on dealing with conservation and environment.


Capítulo 10: Talk about rights and responsibilities at home and in school.  Discuss the rights in society guaranteed by the US constitution.  Learn what young people think about the world problems they face and the solutions they propose.


Homework: Homework reinforces skills taught in class and extends learning concepts.  Assignments will be posted daily. It is expected that students complete the required homework on time.  All assignments will be posted on Google Classroom, therefore, all homework should be submitted on time regardless of absence.  Students will be required to check Google classroom daily.


Assessments: All assessments (quizzes and tests) are posted in class and a message will be sent ia Remind. The Chapter tests count double.


Extra Credit – The teacher will not assign extra credit work to individual students. If the required assignments are done as assigned there is no need for extra work

Classroom Behavior:  Students are expected to come to class on time, to be seated before the bell rings, and to participate in all class activities, both oral and written.  No disrespectful language or behavior will be tolerated.


Sign-out sheets -  When a student needs to go to the restroom, student will ask to go and then complete the sign-out sheet.  Students will be given 3 bathroom passes every 5 weeks.  


Make-up Work -  Students will be required to make-up a missed homework assignment, or project during a lunch or study hall period.  If a student needs to make up a test/quiz, it must also be done during a study hall or lunch period.


Extra Help:  Extra help will be available Monday & Wednesday after school from 2:15 -3:00pm.  Please do not wait to come in for extra help, the sooner you come in the faster you will catch up.


Academic misconduct: There is a ZERO tolerance policy for cheating and plagiarism.  If cheating/plagiarism occurs, all parties involved will receive an automatic zero and his/her parents/guardians will be notified of the incident.  Using translators (on-line) or native speakers to complete your work is not doing your work honestly. Using an online dictionary to find one word is very different than using the service to complete entire paragraphs or assignments. It is like having someone else do your work for you. This is cheating and is dishonest and may result in zero credit. ONLINE TRANSLATORS NOT ALLOWED!


Grading System

Points toward quarter grades will be weighted as follows:


Homework 20%                 Participation 30%              Projects Quizzes / Tests 50%


As the first homework assignment, please return the bottom portion of the expectations signed by your parent/guardian:



I ____________________________________ parent of _____________________________________ am fully aware of the expectations for my child’s academic year in Spanish 3.


Parent signature


Expectations: College Spanish                                                                                            

COURSE TITLE:  SPA 201 / SPA 202 at DCC         Syllabus   Fall 2016 / Spring 2017

Teacher:  Ms. Garnot                                              E-mail:



(Provided by the instructor) Dorwick, Thalia et. al. – 9th ed. (2009). Puntos de partida: an invitation to Spanish. NY: McGraw-Hill Companies.  ISBN 978-0-07-338541-9



Spanish 201-202 are the first sessions of Intermediate Spanish.  In this course you will continue to develop your abilities to express yourself in the Spanish language building upon the skills acquired in earlier courses.  In this course you will transition from the tangible to the more hypothetical as you begin to use future- and subjunctive-tense constructions.  You will continue to develop an understanding of the different past tenses in Spanish.  Most of our work in class and the assigned homework will be based on the textbook and the online site. Occasionally we will discuss different subjects not present in your book. We will cover the material presented through the chapters in the textbook, Puntos de partida 9.



1.   Students will use simple and complex expressions to communicate orally in Spanish.

2.   Students will interpret appropriate Spanish-language texts including short literary works.

3.   Students will discuss and analyze cultures and customs of the Spanish-speaking world.

4.   Students will compose compositions of increasing length in Spanish.

5.   Students will demonstrate critical listening skills and formulate appropriate responses in Spanish.



Upon successful completion of this course students will:

By the end of this course, each student will be able to understand, read, write and speak Spanish using:

1.  Expanded vocabulary words that deal with household chores, environment, city life, daily chores, nutrition, health and well-being, and much more.

2.  Regular verbs, irregular verbs and stem-changing verbs (dar, saber, conocer, venir, decir, hacer, salir, poner, poder) in the present tense, past tenses (preterite -vs- imperfect), subjunctive tense, commands, future tense, conditional tense, present and past perfect tenses to talk about their daily routine.

3.  Information regarding ethnic groups in the Hispanic community and current events as they may occur in Spanish speaking countries.  




Attendance will be taken in class.  Students are required to be present, on time and prepared to begin the lesson when the bell rings. Students are requested to speak with the instructor regarding any attendance concerns.  Absence from class (legal / illegal) is not an excuse for missing notes. Students must make sure to log on to Google Classroom.  Absence from class (legal / illegal) is not an excuse for missing an assignment.  Students must make arrangements with the instructor or a classmate to obtain assignments so that they may be completed when they are due.  Class attendance and participation are essential to succeed in a language course.


Classroom Etiquette

No side conversations or other distracting behaviors will be tolerated.  Respect others by being polite and considerate.


Academic Integrity

Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated in this course. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, copying someone else’s work (homework, assignment, quiz, exam, etc.) and any form of plagiarism or use of another’s work without proper documentation. A student who violates this policy will receive a grade of ZERO on the assignment. Furthermore, this grade cannot be dropped when computing final grades.  In addition to this policy laid out by the instructor, students must comply with the standards of conduct mandated by DCC & Dover High School policies as outlined in the Student Handbook. Any student plagiarizing or cheating on an assignment will not receive credit for that assignment. The use of translators is strictly forbidden your language teacher will be able to tell, by the sentence structure you employ, if it is your work or not. Also, using native speakers to complete your work is not doing your work honestly.  



Homework is posted on Google Classroom.  I will give you your code to join the class, you have until Thursday, September 8th to join. Students are expected to complete all homework assignments. Complete all your assigned work, including exercises that are not required to be handed in.  There is a definitive due date for all assignments and all work must be submitted by that date in order to receive credit for it.  No late homework will be accepted.  If a student is absent, he / she is required to submit the assignment on the day he / she returns to school.  YOU WILL NOT BE GIVEN EXTRA TIME! KEEP UPDATED BY USING GOOGLE CLASSROOM.


Computer Practice

Spanish 201-202 does not have a dedicated lab hour.  However, each student is required to log in to and spend time on the website in his / her notebook.


Quizzes and Exams

There will be numerous quizzes (pruebas) during the semester session. Quizzes will generally be announced. The instructor reserves the right to administer unannounced quizzes. Exams (exámenes) will cover more material than quizzes and will be announced with ample time for the student to study, seek extra help or ask questions.


Make-Up Assignments / Quizzes / Exams

There will be no make-up assignments / quizzes / exams in this course. Students are expected to be present for lectures and graded work. All assignments are required to be turned in when they are due. At the completion of the course the lowest quiz grade will be dropped. No grade of zero due to academic misconduct will be dropped.


Midterm and Final Exams -

There will be two midterm exams and two final exams for the school year.

·         SPA 201 – There will be a midterm exam prior to the Christmas break, and a final exam will be administered at the conclusion of the second quarter.

·         SPA 202 – There will be a midterm exam prior to the Easter break, and a final exam will be administered at the conclusion of the four quarter. Dates will be announced by the instructor and are final. Any student not present for the exam will receive a test score of zero.


In-class compositions

During the course of the session the student will write two compositions in class without the help of the textbook, notes, or a dictionary. The theme of each composition will be related to the material being covered at the time of the written assignment.  Dates for the compositions will be announced in advance.



If you feel you would benefit from working with a tutor, please discuss this option with the instructor before you fall behind.  Acquiring a second language is not a simple task.  Working one-on-one with someone who understands the material will be very helpful.  Your instructor can pair you with a student-tutor.


General Policies and Student Responsibilities

  • ·No cell phones are allowed on your desk.

  • Avoid speaking English while in the classroom.

  • Avoid the use of translators – the instructor will be able to tell if it is your work or not, by the sentence structure you employ.  Dictionaries and translation websites do not give you sentence structures.

Dover High School students are responsible for reading and adhering to all general classroom rules written in the DCC and DHS Student Handbook.



  • Textbook (provided by the teacher)

  • Code to the website

  • Notebook or Binder 11 x 8½

  • Dictionary:   * English-Spanish / Spanish-English

  • Folder

  • Pens & Pencils

  • EXPO Marker

  • Ear Buds - for listening and speaking assignments/exams



*All work will be evaluated and be part of your final grade at DHS / DCC.

·         Class Participation               10 %

·         Homework                          10 %

·         Compositions / Projects       10 %

·         Exams                               20 %

·         Quizzes                              10 %

·         Mid-Term Exam                  20 %

·         Final Exam                          20 %


*Grading System at DCC     IMPORTANT DATES ---  *** All dates are subject to change ***

A        93-100 September 15th to October 15th – National Hispanic Heritage Month

A-       90-92 November 2016 – 1st Midterm Exam

B+      87-89 January 2017 – 1st Final Exam

B        83-86 March 2017 – 2nd Midterm Exam

B-       80-82 June 2017 – 2nd Final Exam

C+      77-79

C        70-76

D        60-69

F         0-59

The most successful students see themselves and their instructors as partners in the learning process. Keep in mind that instructors do not give grades; students earn them. You will be evaluated for the quality of your work, for the extent to which you demonstrate mastery of the course objectives, and not for good intentions or for perceived effort. In this way, you an be assured that all students are evaluated by recognized standards.  Our goals are yours: to help you achieve excellence.


Language is a skill, and the best way to improve a skill is to practice it.  Therefore, expect to do a lot of speaking, thinking, writing, listening, and reading in the target language this semester.  You will connect with the Spanish-speaking culture and their influence, and spend several hours on practicing the target language in the classroom as well as outside of the class. Your best work is expected for everything.  Growth only occurs with effort.     

























































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The Dover Union Free School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities.  
The following people have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies:

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