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7th Grade Social Studies

Mr. Greg Hill

L3 Archaeology                                   Vocab 1

L4 Political Maps                                 

                                                              Vocab 2   


 L5 Physical Maps

&Geography                                      Vocab 3     

L7 Olmec Mayan                               Vocab 4 

L8 Aztec Inca                                     Vocab 5

L10 Age Of Exploration                      Vocab 6

L11 Explorers                                    Vocab 7

L12-13 Mini Computers                      Vocab 8

L14 Reports                                       Vocab 9

L15 +/- Outcomes                             Vocab 10

L16 Roanoke                                      Vocab 11

L17Jamestown                                   Vocab 12

L21 New England                              Vocab 13

L22 Whiteboard                                Vocab 14

L23 Middle & Southern                   Vocab 15

L26 Unit 2 Review                             Vocab 16

L30 NE Economy                               Vocab 17

L31 Middle Economy                      Vocab 18

L32 Southern Colony                        Vocab 19

L33 DBQ Colonial Democracy         Vocab 20

L44 Enlightenment                             Vocab 21

L51 Road to Revolution                      Vocab 22

L52 Causes of the Revolution            Vocab 23

L56 1st CC                                             Vocab 24

L58 Paul Revere


DBQ Question

L65&66 Dof I

L70 Revolution review game

L75 AR People

L81 Treaty of Paris

L87 Constitution Convention

L90 Federalism

L92 Preamble

L93 Article 1

L94 Review

L95 Article 2

L96 Article 3

L99 Articles 4-7

L100 Review Games

L106 Essay

L107 GW

L108 GW Problems

L109Political Parties

L110 Constitution Review

L111 John Adams

L113 Judicial Review

L115 O Grab Me

L116 Presidents Test Review

L117 1812

L120 IR

L125 James Monroe

L126 Erie Canal

L128 Erie Canal DBQ

L132 Age of Jackson

L133 Age of Jackson II

L137 Texas Revolution

L141 Mexican American War

L143 Presidents 4-9 Review

L146 Bleeding Kansas

L148 Causes of the Civil War

L149 Civil War I

L151 Civil War II


Dover Middle School   2368 Route 22   Dover Plains, NY 12522   Phone: (845) 877-5740   Fax: (845) 877-5749

The Dover Union Free School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities.  
The following people have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies:

Donna Basting, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Staff Development, and Technology
2368 Route 22, Dover Plains, NY  12522
845-877-5700 x1233 

Genie Angelis, High School Principal
2368 Route 22, Dover Plains, NY  12522
845-877-5700 x1143

For further information on notice of non-discrimination, visit for the address and phone number of the office that serves your area, or call 1-800-421-3481.

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