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New York State

Learning Standards



The Arts



Standard 1:  Creating, Performing, and Participating in the Arts

Students will actively engage in the processes that constitute creation and performance in the arts (dance, music, theater, and visual arts) and participate in various roles in the arts.


Standard 2:  Knowing and Using Arts Materials and Resources

Students will be knowledgeable about and make use of the materials and resources available for participation in the arts in various roles.


Standard 3:  Responding to an Analyzing Works of Art

Students will respond critically to a variety of works in the arts, connecting the individual work to other works and to other aspects of human endeavor and thought.


Standard 4:  Understanding the Cultural Contributions

Students will develop an understanding of the personal and cultural forces that shape artistic communication and how the arts in turn shape the diverse cultures of past and present society.





        I.      High School Chorus


Local Exam                                                                                           No  Weighting

45 minutes per day full year                                                                One Credit


      II.      Course Description


The student will make progress, according to his/her grade level, in the following areas:


·         Given sight-reading exercises the student will be able to follow a melodic line using solfeggio.


·         Given a vocal music score the student will be able to follow his/her part and keep that part while others are singing complimentary parts.


·         Given cues in a rehearsal or concert, the student will make appropriate entrances and/or adjustments accordingly.


·         Given music of a variety of styles the student will use appropriate tone and technique in performances.


·         The student will use proper vocal technique (posture, breath control and support).


·        Given a variety of music symbols and marking the student will respond appropriately.


    III.      Grade Requirement


Grades 9-12


   IV.      Mandatory Prerequisite


Permission of Instructor


     V.      Suggested Prerequisite


Student should enjoy singing.


   VI.      Comments


Members of the High School Chorus will have opportunities to audition for select groups.



         I.      Senior High Band


Local Exam                                                                                               No  Weighting

45 minutes per day full year                                                                    One Credit


       II.      Course Description


This organization performs music of appropriate grade levels in a variety of musical styles. Performances are scheduled throughout the year for events such as: parades, concerts, musicals, and performances at local institutions.  These events are considered as culminating experiences and therefore attendance is mandatory.  Exceptions will be left to the discretion of the Band Director.


·          Given a variety of rhythmic patterns and etudes, students will perform rhythms correctly.  This will include individual preciseness.


·          Given study sheets indicating all the major scales, key signature, and arpeggios, students will perform all the major scales, arpeggios, and scales in thirds in all major and minor keys.


·          Given the wide variety of temp indication found in the music performed, the students will respond collectively to the indicated markings.


·          Given the varying dynamic levels, students will respond as a unit in increasing or decreasing volumes.


·          Given the symbolic representation of staccato, legato, marcato, fp, and sfz markings, students will perform the correct musical articulations.


·          Given differing musical examples, students will play music in march, classical, popular, and contemporary styles.


·          Given a series of graded lesson books, students will progress from technically easy material gradually to more complex lessons according to the individual’s own rate of progress.


·          Given a variety of musical styles, students will learn how to interpret the music so that they experience a sense of emotional involvement in the music they are creating.


·          Given appropriate musical exercise such as scale or chord studies, students will develop a sense of pitch adjustment and intonation sensitivity.


·          Given a group situation, students will lean how to function as a unit.  Specific goals include attacking and releasing notes together as well as collectively accelerating, slowing down and changing dynamic volumes.


     III.      Grade Requirement


Grades 9-12 


    IV.      Mandatory Prerequisite


Permission of Instructor


      V.      Suggested Prerequisite




    VI.      Comments


The goal of instruction in this group is to produce music of appropriate grade level in a sensitive and technically efficient manner.



        I.      Music Theory


Local Exam                                                                            No  Weighting

45 minutes per day for one year                                   1 Credit


      II.      Course Description


The ultimate goal of a Music Theory/History course is to develop a student's ability to recognize, understand, and describe the basic materials and processes of music that are heard or presented in a score. Students will be exposed to aspects of music theory which include harmony, melody, chord progressions, scales, key signatures, circle of fifths/fourths, modes, all forms of dictation and ear training. Students will study the hiustory of Western Music and become familiar with works of music from all time periods and genres. Hopefully, students will also have an opportunity to learn about today's latest music technology as well as be able to write and record their own music using a computer and keyboard. The music major will acquire a new and enhanced understanding of music as a preparatory course to college level music theory and history. The non-music major will gain a new and greater understanding of how music is constructed and how closely today's music is related to that of the past.


    III.      Grade Requirement


Grades 11 or 12


   IV.      Mandatory Prerequisite




     V.      Suggested Prerequisite




   VI.      Comments




I.  The Theater Experience-#703


        Course Description: The purpose of this year-long course is to enable students to develop

        and synthesize intermediate through advanced elements of theatre arts into final production and

        to experience what it takes to plan, develop, and produce a show from beginning to end. During

        this course, students will study many elements of theatre including, but not limited to, technical

        theatre, acting, costumes, make-up, scenic design, and theatre history. Although many of these

        practices will be directly related to the students performance and development in a theatre setting,

        many of these skills can be applied in every day life.



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The Dover Union Free School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities.  
The following people have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies:

Donna Basting, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Staff Development, and Technology
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Genie Angelis, High School Principal
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For further information on notice of non-discrimination, visit for the address and phone number of the office that serves your area, or call 1-800-421-3481.

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