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High School

Summer Reading Requirements  

Summer Reading List

College English Reading List

AP Summer Assignments



1.  What list do the College English or AP English Classes follow?

Students in College English are not required to complete the summer reading. Students in College and AP English will be given a specific reading list. Check the Dover HS website for that assignment.

2.  Are there any exceptions allowed to this list? 

No exceptions will be accepted. Students should choose 1 book from their appropriate grade level in September

3.  Are there questions to be answered during the reading to help prepare for the essay? 

Students can keep a reading log as they read. This can be used as a study guide before the in-class essay in the fall. No books or notes will be allowed during the essay.

4.  Are students taking English through BOCES required to participate?

Not this year.

5.  How do the students receive the list?

The list was distributed during the last week of English classes.  The list is available on the DHS Website and in their English Class.

6.  Are additional books on hand at the Town of Dover library for students? 

The town library should have some of the books.

High School Summer Reading Requirements

It is our custom at Dover High School to require all of our students to read during the summer as a way to sustain the learning made during the school year.  It is of utmost importance that parents and students understand the importance of reading for the academic development of students.  It is through reading that a student enhances vocabulary, sharpens grammar skills and further develops critical thinking skills.  Reading is a crucial key to academic success.

Below is a list of novels assigned to the students by the English department to be read by the first week of September.    If a student would rather read 10 news articles instead of a novel, links to grade level texts sets can be found below. In September your English teacher will assign individual projects/tests for each novel or set of assigned news articles.  It is highly recommended that students keep a reading log for each novel in order to facilitate the completion of assignments in September.  A reflection assignment is on the back this letter for students choosing to read the articles instead of the novel.  Summer reading assignments will be graded as a grade for the first marking period.

It is important that you begin the new school year with success.  Read and enjoy!


The English Department



Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson


Article Collection


The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne


Article Collection


The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien


 Article Collection


The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls


Article Collection


Students have the choice of reading 10 news articles instead of the assigned novel.  

*Students enrolled in College English and AP English have separate summer assignments – please check school website for assignments.


Students of each grade level will be given ten articles to read if they decide not to read the assigned novel.   Be sure to select the correct grade-level. Each student is expected to read the articles, write a one-paragraph summary of the article and a one –paragraph reflection of the article. Links to grade level text sets can be found above. 


Guidelines for the Summary Paragraph

The summary of the articles should answer the following questions:

*Who is the author of the article?

*What is the purpose of the article?

*What are the main ideas of the article?

*Where is the article taking place?

*When was the article written?


Guidelines for the Reflection Paragraph

The reflection of the articles should include the following points:

* Explain why the article is important for people to read today.

* Explain what can be inferred from reading the article. (What does the author

   suggest about this topic?)

* Explain how the article impacts your viewpoints on the given topic.

* Give a personal reaction to the article and the author’s overall message.


Guidelines for both the Summary Paragraph and Reflection Paragraph

The summary and reflection paragraphs must be:

*typed in “Times New Roman” 12 point font, double-spaced and on separate

  sheets of paper

*written in a tone and level of language appropriate for a high school report

*organized in a logical and coherent manner

*specific and accurate in the use of relevant information from the text to support

  the summary and reflection

*free of spelling errors and grammatically correct


AP Summer Assignments





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