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Busy Bee Times

Nov. 4 – Nov. 8


What’s Happening This Week In Class:

In Fundations we will be learning letters “r” and “e”. They are added to the letter rings. Please practice all the letters daily with your child. Your child should say the letter, the picture name and the sound. This week we do have new sight words. They are “we” and “go”. In addition, the number words from 6 – 9 are also added to the rings. Again please practice every day.

We will be focusing on “an” words such as can, fan, bran etc. We are continuing our Stories Unit. This week there will be some new ones from other countries. A parent note was also sent home today naming the stories. We are focusing on characters, setting and plot. They are good at telling us who the characters. Setting is better but retelling is still challenging for most students. This is typical at this age. They often want to start at the end but we are working on retelling a story from the beginning. At home you can help build these concepts by having your child find the setting in stories you read at home. Also have your child start to retell a story. It can be a story he or she has heard in a book or on TV.

In math, we will be working on story problems that have vocabulary such as “one greater” and “two fewer.” We will also be taking or Chapter 3 test on Friday.


Just a reminder:

As the weather is getting cooler, please help your child learn to zipper and take coats off properly. It takes a long time to help 24 children and the faster they zip up the faster they go outside. Also if you haven’t sent in a change of clothes for the fall please do so. It makes it easier in case of accidents. We don’t always have clothes that fit them.


Announcements/Upcoming Events:

1. Congratulations to Lily! She is next week’s student of the week.


3. A new homework packet was sent home today. Your child also has new letters on his/her ring.

4. Please send in a snack every day with your child. We are running low on snacks. Also if you send money in with your child, please place it in an envelope and label it. Your child isn’t always sure what it is for.

5. If you have not signed up for a parent conference, please call the office. They have a list of available times. If those times do not work for you then write me note and we can meet at another time. Conferences are until Dec. 12 and Dec 13.













Busy Bees Times

October 7 - 11

What’s Happening This Week In Class:

In Fundations we are working on the letters “c” and “o”. Our new sight word is the word “the”. In reading we will be working in small Guided Reading Groups. We are working on using our pointer finger to help us read (Have your child point to each word as he or she reads.) and retelling a story using the words/phrases: In the beginning….; In the middle….; and In the end….

Poetry binders will be coming home this Thursday. All you need to do is reread the poems with your child. There are nursery rhymes, letter poems and other poems. If your child wants to finish coloring a page he or she may do so. Most of the poems are part of morning work and at times students are unable to finish. We try to finish at other times of the day, but we can’t always get back to coloring.

In math, we are continuing comparing numbers from 1 – 5. We are still using words like greater than; less than and the same amount when comparing numbers. We are also learning concepts such as that 4 is one less than 5 and 3 is one greater than 2. It is helpful if you review these concepts with your child and review the class work every day. Many times there are suggested activities that can support your child with these concepts.

In science, we are continuing to learn about the 5 senses. This is also a very rich vocabulary unit. Your child is learning words such as: sound waves, invisible, harmful, congested, iris, pupil, etc. We are learning about how our senses work and what happens when they don’t.

Student Directory:

Student directory forms are due this week. If you need another one, please contact me.


We had our first lockdown drill and most of the students did an excellent job. Mrs. Alvarez and Deputy Holder both commented on what a wonderful job they did hiding and being quiet. Some students were a little frightened but we kept reassuring them that this is practice and they are safe. I explained that it is part of our job to watch and protect them which is why they have to stay with us. We feel they are more comfortable with this type of drill now that they have “lived through it.” On Friday, I discussed with them what to do in case they are in the hallway or somewhere else in the building during a fire drill or a lockdown drill. It is a lot of information so we will continue to have these talks periodically to reinforce and help them feel more comfortable. I am proud of these little bees. They really kept it together. We actually fit 12 kids in the class bathroom with me included. The others hid under a teacher desk and in a corner with Mrs. Collins.


Announcements/Upcoming Events:

  1. Our pumpkin picking trip is on Friday, October 18. This is an all-day field trip. If you would like to chaperone please let me know. You can follow the bus or meet us at the Daisy Hill Farm. Unfortunately we do not have space for parents on the bus. We are a large group.
  2. Shane is our next Student of the Week. Congratulations, Shane!
  3. There is no school this Friday, October 11 and Monday, October 14.
  4. Attached is October’s Scholastic book order. You can now order online. I have included a letter on how to set it up. It is easy and last year they gave out free $5 book coupons. I am hoping they do the same again this year. Our next order isn’t due until October 25, 2013.
  5. We will be having a Halloween party on Halloween. We are waiting for administration to give us a time. Hopefully we will know soon. If you would like to help set-up, donate and/or participate please contact me. I will add you to the list of party parents. I will be having a party parent meeting sometime the week of October 14. Again I need to know how long we can have the party to see if there is time for a craft.
  6. The first math test went home. Please sign and return it so I know you reviewed it with your child.





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The Dover Union Free School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities.  
The following people have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies:

Donna Basting, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Staff Development, and Technology
2368 Route 22, Dover Plains, NY  12522
845-877-5700 x1233 

Genie Angelis, High School Principal
2368 Route 22, Dover Plains, NY  12522
845-877-5700 x1143

For further information on notice of non-discrimination, visit for the address and phone number of the office that serves your area, or call 1-800-421-3481.

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