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The DIBELS 6th Edition Initial Sound Fluency (ISF) is a brief direct measure of a student’s fluency in identifying the initial sounds in words in one minute.

The ability to isolate the first sound in a word is an important phonemic awareness skill that is highly related to reading acquisition and reading achievement (Yopp, 1988). Because this skill is easier than segmenting words or manipulating phonemes (sounds) in words, the ISF is used as a measure of developing phonemic awareness and is primarily given at the beginning and middle of kindergarten.


There are lots of things parents can do at home to help build this skill!

  • Play Memory Match by having picture cards and corresponding letter cards. Have your child match the letter card to the picture that begins with that sound such as B for BAT.

  • Old Maid is a great game for reinforcing beginning sound skills! Each letter has matching pairs for a letter and picture for the first sound in that word. In the set of 26 letters of the alphabet, each letter has 3 different pairs, so that children has lots of practice recognizing the letter and the first sound picture that corresponds with it.

  • Make your own BINGO Game. Draw several BINGO grids. You will want to cut out lots of pictures from magazines, draw them or download them off the computer. Attach pictures to the grid so there are a variety of pictures beginning with different letter sounds. (Try to avoid words with digraphs like thumb, ship, cherry or white) Your child can cover the card with markers such as buttons or pieces of cereal if he/she has a picture beginning with the sound you say or with the sound of the letter card you hold up. Be sure you emphasis the FIRST sound of the picture so your child learns to focus on that part of the word.

  • Play Letter Jump by placing large pieces of paper with letter of the alphabet written on them spread out on the floor in random order. Your child either has to toss a beanbag or jump on a letter and then name something that begins with that letter.

  •  I Spy.  You and your child take turns searching for things in the house, car, or in books and magazines that begin with a certain letter sound.

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