Thank you to Our Bus Drivers!

The Lazarow Family sent a beautiful cake and apple cider to First Student this week as a Thank You to our incredible bus drivers and monitors! Below is the letter they sent:

Now here we are a year and a half later and while many people were able to stay home, you guys have continued to do your thing.  Throughout this entire ordeal, the drivers kept driving and the mechanics kept the buses moving.  As teachers, we certainly could not do our job without you.  We know you are facing employee shortages and that always means the people who do show up, have to pick up the slack.  In addition to being shorthanded, you are also faced with the ever-changing virus constraints and ridiculous mandates placed upon us.

From our family to yours, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING you have done and continue to do.  Our children arrive safe, happy and ready to learn daily.  You are their first and last contact of the day for many and that means the drivers and monitors play a very important role in setting the children up for a successful school day and then a peaceful send off at night.  Thank you for being strong and positive and keeping us all moving forward.  We could not do what we do if you did not do what you do.

Please enjoy a piece of cake and some apple cider as a small token of appreciation from our family.  We know these times are temporary and we will get back to normal.  Thank you for continuing the fight along with us.  Our children need you, the parents need you and definitely, the teachers need you.  You are our essential workers.

Have a happy, safe and healthy school year!